About Us

Right Travel trip was started in January 2012 to work with Hotels as "Consultative Educator". Work with hotels as an TRAVEL SOLUTION provider in Hotel Reservations Network in allover India.
Package Tour (Inbound /Outbound).
Car rental Service.
Conferences /Seminars and wedding events.
Airticket Reservations
Other Travel- Tour related services.
Company was formed with objective to help individual hotels maximize revenue from travel portal.

We strongly believe in Strategizing and not just listing hotels. Like setting up a great hotel is not just enough; right marketing, rates and sales strategies are essential for the success of hotel or any product. Similarly, to maximize revenue from It is correct blend of right rate, right information, right timing, right channel, right positioning. Hotels need to constantly interact with distribution channels in order to effectively maximize revenue. Majority of hotels believe that once listed, business will follow on its own – NOT Right Travel trip